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יוצרים עוצמה אזורית


We are facing a historic opportunity to leverage a convergence of interests between Israel and pragmatic Arab states to create a regional alliance that ensures a secure and prosperous future for Israel and the region

There is an opportunity

The changes and turmoil in the Middle East have given rise to shared interests between Israel and leading Arab states due to similar threats and challenges such as radical Islamic terrorism, Iran's hegemonic ambitions, and the need to stabilize the regional economy. In light of this new reality, Israel should take the initiative and promote a regional diplomatic process to replace the futile bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The result of such a process will be a ‘Regional Package Deal' between Israel, the Palestinians and key Arab states on a two-state solution, regional economic and security cooperation and full normal relations between Israel and the Arab world.  


It is Beneficial

Regional security cooperation will harness the advantages of all states in the region, creating strategic security superiority for Israel and the region vis-à-vis Iran and terrorism. Regional economic cooperation and development will reduce unemployment in the region, increase trade and significantly increase regional GDP. In Israel, over 10 years the GDP is expected to grow by 20%.

The two-state solution can only be achieved as part of a comprehensive regional deal that changes the balance of incentives, as the Arab states can offer Israel and the Palestinians public legitimacy and adequate compensation in return for the painful concessions required for an agreement.


“The Arab Summer cannot bear its full fruit, until the Palestinian-Israeli conflict ends with a just peace and a Palestinian state living side by side with a secure Israel at peace with the entire region.”

General Al-Sisi, President of Egypt

We have partners

In recent years, we have examined the regional approach in meetings with senior interlocutors in the Arab states, and perceived a change of tone towards Israel and a willingness to negotiate relations between Israel and the Arab world parallel to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.


Who We Are

The Israeli Regional Initiative (IRI) is an unaffiliated quiet impact group promoting the regional approach. Our members come from a wide range of pragmatic views and from diverse backgrounds: ex-military and ex-security figures, business people, diplomats, academics and social entrepreneurs. Our teams engage and examine ideas with Palestinian and Arab interlocutors in Track-2 quiet diplomacy, and continuously promote the approach to leading political figures and decision makers in Israel, in the region and the international community.



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