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The changes and turmoil in the Middle East have given rise to shared interests between Israel and leading Arab states that face similar threats – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE. Their willingness to cooperate is critical in order to block Iran, ISIS and other terrorist organizations. It is also necessary in order to achieve progress towards the two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as part of a regional framework agreed between Israel, Palestine and Arab states. This rare window of opportunity can be leveraged to generate effective Israeli-Palestinian-Regional negotiations that will replace the futile bilateral negotiations with a comprehensive “Regional Package Deal”.

The package will include an agreement on the phased progress towards the two-state solution, alongside agreements on regional security mechanisms, economic cooperation, and full normalization and diplomatic relations between Israel and the Arab states – in the spirit envisioned by the Arab Peace Initiative. Such a comprehensive approach will enable diplomatic progress, as the Arab states will provide incentives for Israel and the Palestinians to take the tough decisions required to make progress and eventually reach the two-state solution.

The agreements will ensure Israel’s future as a strong, secure and prosperous regional power with a solid Jewish majority. The Israeli economy is expected to grow dramatically, with significant positive impact on Israeli socio-economic challenges. The agreements will also ensure the Palestinian state is built through partnership between the Palestinians, key Arab states, Israel and the international community. The result will be a gradually more secure and prosperous region.

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