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The Israeli Regional Initiative (IRI) is an unaffiliated impact group composed of members from various backgrounds: ex-military and ex-security figures, business people, diplomats, academics and social entrepreneurs.

We engage with leading figures and decision makers in Israel, in the region and in the international community to promote a regional alliance between Israel and key Arab states, as a new paradigm that will bring stability, security and economic prosperity to the Middle-East region.

Our extensive efforts in Track-2 talks have produced substantial and detailed proposals which provide a practical implementation framework for a regional package deal, that includes an agreement on phased progress towards a two-state solution, alongside agreements on regional security mechanisms, economic cooperation, and full normalization and diplomatic relations between Israel and the Arab states.

     The Founders  

Kobi Huberman 
Founder and Leading Partner


Yuval Rabin 

Founder and Partner


Igal Tamir
Member of the Board of Directors



Michael Sela
Member of the Board of Directors




Aviram Bellaishe

Leader, Economic Regional Initiative



Jonathan Adiri (high-tech entrepreneur, political advisor and strategist)

Aviv Morag (retired senior Intelligence Corps officer, expert on Jihadi terrorism)

Dr. Shlomo Alon (former head of Arabic language studies in the Ministry of Education)

Dr. Efrat Elron (expert on peacekeeping operations and international cooperation)

Yarom Ariav (businessman and former Director General of the Ministry of Finance)

Brigadier-General (Res.) Israel Baharav (businessman and expert on security issues)

Dr. Nir Boms (lecturer and Syria expert)

David Bondy (CEO and businessman)

Eldad Ben Gal (CEO of a business consulting firm)

Adina Bar Shalom (founder of the Haredi College Jerusalem and Israel Prize Laureate) 

Eldad Brik (economist)

Yoram Gabay (former head of State Revenues Division, advisor to Peilim Shukey Hon - Capital Market Operators).

Muli Dor (chairman of AJEEC - Negev Institute)

Dr. Ronen Hoffman (senior official at the Interdisciplinary Center, formerly member of the negotiations team for Syria)

Prof. David Harel (vice-chairman of he Israeli Academy of Sciences)

Ruth Wasserman Landa (former deputy ambassador of Israel in Egypt)

Adv. Tali Singer (businesswoman)

Danny Yatom (former Mossad chief)

Dr. Michal Yaari (lecturer and expert on Saudi Arabia)

Yankele Levy (former head of the Gallup Institute and expert on public opinion surveys)

Dr. Ronit Marzan (lecturer and expert on the Palestinian arena)

Ambassador Isaac Levanon (former Israeli ambassador to Egypt)

Prof, Varda Lieberman (expert on decision-making and political economics)

Brigadier-General (Res.) Amnon Sofrin (chief Field Intelligence Officer and former Department Head in the Mossad)

Dr. Baruch Ovadia (political and social activist)

Uzi Eilam (former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission)

Prof. Moshe Amirav (lecturer and expert on the Jerusalem issue)

Aharon Vogel (ZIM chairman and former director-general of the Ministry of Finance)

Kobi Feigenbaum (banker and businessman)

Henrique Cymerman (journalist and lecturer)

Adv. Roy Keidar (former senior member of the National Security Council)

Dr. Moti Kristal (lecturer and expert on negotiations)

Pini Shomer (former Member of Parliament, head of the Avshalom Institute)

Efrat Schechter (Business-economic strategic advisor)

Sima Schein (former Research Division Head in the Mossad)

Eran Shayshon (CEO, the Reut Institute)

Ambassador Danny Shek (Israeli ambassador to France and former spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


    2015-2017 Team 

Tal Harel 

Activity Coordinator

Master’s Degree Student at the Swiss Center for Conflict Research, Management and Resolution at the Hebrew University.

Noa Eliasaf Shoham 

General Director

a social entrepreneur with extensive experience in managing third-sector organizations.

Assaf Kaplan
Influence in Israel Coordinator

a Unit 8200 veteran, a Philosophy, Economics and Political Sciences student, Tel Aviv University. A graduate of the Israel Leadership Development Program of the LEAD organization 

Amnon Morag  

International Influence Coordinator

Unit 8200 Veteran, Student in the Lautman Program, Tel Aviv University.

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